HSS Automation Smart Home Security
HSS Automation Smart Home Automation and Security

Our Smart Home Packages brings everything in your home together to make things safer, smarter and more efficient.
A single mobile app controls your security system, smart thermostat, lights, locks, garage doors and more.

Proactive Safeguards
If there’s an emergency, we’re one step ahead. Smoke or carbon monoxide detected? We proactively send a signal to emergency personnel, and shut down the heat or AC to stop circulation of dangerous fumes.

HSS Automation Smart Home Automation Unexpected
HSS Automation Smart Home Security Unexpected

A Smart Home System is working for you 24/7
What time did my teenager get home?
Did I forget to close the garage door when I left today?

Unlike traditional systems that only alert you in an alarm event, with our Smart Home Packages we let you know what’s happening at your home at any time, whether your system is armed or not.

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Smart Home Lighting


This device screws into an existing lamp like a traditional bulb and it's ready to be connected to your system.


These are very similar to smart plugs, but installed into your wall in place of your old light switch. These can provide the best experience both aesthetically and functionally.


This device plugs into a wall socket; you plug your lamp into it. They can be remotely controlled and also automated to turn your lamp on and off.


  • Smart lighting is one of the most desirable aspects of the smart home. You can light and dim any room in the house just by using your smartphone to create the perfect ambience.
  • Security: Smart lighting is a valuable way to give your home a lived-in look, even when you’re out of town. To make it more realistic, your smart lights should run on a dynamic schedule to conceal the fact you’re automating. With sunrise and sunset options and even variable times throughout the day and the week, some smart lights can manage it all for you.
  • Safe Energy: With the right smart lights you can find easy opportunities to reduce your monthly energy costs. You’ll want lights that offer scheduling features and work with other devices in the home. With a smart home platform you can create triggers that automatically control lights as you come and go. For example, you can personalize your home so when you close the front door on the way to work, your lights automatically turn off for savings.
  • Real Automation: The key to better security and energy savings with smart lighting is a smart home platform. This platform, which can power every smart home device from your thermostat to your alarm panel, can translate a wealth of in-home intelligence to your lighting. This enables your lights to act on triggers including motion sensors, your smartphone location, a programmed schedule – even a smoke alarm. It’s the difference between ‘connected’ and truly smart

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HSS Automation Home Smart Locks

Smart Home Smart Door Locks

  • Stop leaving your key under the mat or worrying that you left the garage door open. Remotely lock the door and close the garage, and get a reminder if you forget.
  • Give friends and family their own codes and get a notification when they're used.
HSS Automation Home Smart Lock

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HSS automation Smart Thermostat

Smart Home Thermostat

  • The Smart Thermostat allows you to take control of your energy use and automate temperature settings and provides a sleek, sophisticated design
  • Have your thermostat automatically set back when the system is armed away, or pause if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected to limit the circulation of fumes.

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HSS Automation Smart Home Smart Garage

Smart Home Garage

  • Smart Home Security helps you protect and control the entire perimeter of your home – including the garage.
  • From protecting your car and guarding your tools, to securing a common but easily overlooked entry point to your home, a Smart Home Security system powered by Alarm.com has you covered.

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